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Marlins Study Pack 2

Marlins Study Pack 2

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Обучающая программа по Морскому Английскому Языку "Marlins Study Pack 2" - Продвинутый Уровень.В комплект входит книга и 2 аудидиска.
Marlins Study Pack 2 it is a Courses mainly is aimed at Deck and Engineer Officers with an intermediate and lower intermediate level of English. This part ensures the improvement of knowledge and use of the main points of spoken and written English. It will develop and encourage confidence about speaking English on matters of general and specialized interest. Chosen topics are based on language related to work including unfamiliar and specialized language required to fulfill all main job functions and demands. You will be satisfied with your improved ability: 1. To listen for specific information
2. To scan read and read intensively
3. To write in English focusing on clear and well structured sentences.
    Following Issues to be Covered (Duration of course is 88 computer class hours for 4 weeks plus GSF Marlins English Language Test):
Discussing onboard systems of Marine pollution prevention (protection)
Changing Watch
Developments in Shipping
Predictions and Warnings
Guided telephone Conversation
Information Exchange an incident on board)

     Safety Requirements Information Exchange, Giving a Presentation)Communications from Ship to Shore Telephone Communication, Telephone Dialogue The Second Part combines 22 related units and 2 audio CDs for varied listening and pronunciation practice with student reference material.

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