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ISF  Marlins Test of Spoken English (TOSE)

ISF Marlins Test of Spoken English (TOSE)

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ISF Marlins Test of Spoken English (TOSE)
The ISF Marlins Test Of Spoken English has been developed to help carry out effective assessment of seafarers’ oral and aural skills in a one-to-one interview situation. The TOSE can be used as part of the recruitment process and / or to identify English Language Training requirements. TOSE can also be used to assess progress during and after training.

Marlins recommends that the TOSE is used in conjunction with the ISF Marlins English Language Test to give a balanced profile of a seafarer’s language level and ability. This will ensure a secure and objective assessment of language level (from the computer test) complemented by a personal assessment of communication skills (from the TOSE).

The Test of Spoken English is distinctively shipping orientated and provides an opportunity to evaluate seafarers’ ability to communicate effectively. It is not designed to test knowledge of seamanship.

TOSE is approved by both the UK MCA and the Irish Maritime Safety Directorate as a means of proving English language competence when applying for CECs.

The test material includes a range of visuals, discussion topics and situational prompts at distinct language levels. When carrying out a Marlins Test Of Spoken English, the interviewer proceeds through a series of structured prompts to elicit natural spoken English. Using a detailed set of descriptors of Spoken Fluency, Spoken Accuracy and Listening Comprehension, the interviewer is able to evaluate each seafarer’s performance. The TOSE results can be used to support the ISF Marlins Test results and also to underline specific skill areas that would benefit from improvement during training.
The TOSE pack contains comprehensive guidelines for interviewers which includes all necessary information for the effective application of the test.

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