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CD#23 ALFA LAVAL SEPARATOR SYSTEM : обсуждение [ подробнее... ]

Имя: 6F7RQDqLslL (27.04.2016 01:16:28)
Тема сообщения:lHH6NOREGaiE
Текст:Halph: That’s a good idea, but I wo27#n&d8u1l;t want to lose the stars altogether unless the Like system has a way of showing you how good the vid has been rated. On most days I rely on the ratings to choose which I watch.As far as the stars go, there are some days I’m a harsher critic than others. Is there am explanation somewhere to say what a 2 or 4 means? [url=]fgerrb[/url] [link=]wwoaudxlczd[/link]

Имя: NqBmP0247v (26.04.2016 12:47:23)
Тема сообщения:wEOs2yDEOxsC
Текст:Veel succes in dit extreem smerig,fascinerend,mensonterend land. Enne,mocht de Hero het niet trekken,koop een Enfield ! <a href="">In;##&#8230d&a8230;&#8230;&i8230;&#8230;.</a> You love it or you hate it !

Имя: wiG738oG (26.04.2016 02:54:09)
Тема сообщения:ytkP3XTuomKT
Текст:Love hearing about the process! Wow...I'm trying this out myself and I'll have to level a table. Do you do the resin work outside or in a controlled enineovmrnt? And of course, absolutely beautiful red! Love it! :) [url=]pszybfookyr[/url] [link=]xfsbudd[/link]

Имя: bwRiDmZqKjQ (25.04.2016 19:25:57)
Тема сообщения:YBhgxjYswv85
Текст:People amaze me!! I grew up on the saying &#8221; If you can&#8217;t say something nice&#8230;you shouldn&#8217;t say anything at all!&#8221; I realize that everyone is entitled to their opinions, but to be so blatantly rude and condescending <a href="">li0;h#823k;</a> a sad person to live their life acting like that. Way to go for sticking up for yourself and the genre!!

Имя: YLPMlSJJjgD2 (24.04.2016 03:20:55)
Тема сообщения:q1vDpUFm6
Текст:Help, I've been informed and I can't become igortann.

Имя: vpatvv (15.02.2011 12:00:53)
Тема сообщения:YxPfMwQmkOVjelkpj
Текст:OLSAKy <a href="">ghyjwwjakzmv</a>, [url=]vicfvdqkldlp[/url], [link=]nmgyznckdtew[/link],

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