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   Гид по входу в порты.Самая свежая и подробная информация по входу (службы,агенты,услуги порта,телефоны) за этот год. Информации намного больше чем в Fairplay базе по портам. Можете заказать с бумажными томами и диском или просто только диск. Полезна на судне и в офисе.
 The guide by entrance in ports. The freshest and detailed information by port of call (services, agents, services of port, telephones) for this year. The information has more than in Fairplay to base on ports. Can order with paper томами and a disk or it is simple only a disk. It is useful on a vessel and at office. Guide to Port Entry is quite simply the most Accurate and comprehensive information resource available to the shipping industry. All featured date,laid out in a logical sequence,is the result of constant research and attention to details,with worldwide authentication the key port authorities and agents.Many entries also benefit from the addition of "Shipmasters Reports".This invaluable information from those at the front end of the maritime industry provides a unique insight into the facilities available to fallow seafarers.
The world's best selling publication of port information 18th edition, all text, no advertisements, no duplication. Four hardback volumes - totally revised and updated Over 70% of updates received direct from port Autorities Almost 200 new ports and terminals Features over 1,500 terminals Over 5.500 A4 pages - almost 3,200 pages of port information and over 4,600 port plans and mooring diagrams Detailing 6,200 ports, terminals and places includes almost 2,000 shipmasters' reports of condition experienced.
Guide to Port Entry CD with every book, plus upgrade CD in January 2006.
With over 4,600 plans, Shipping GuideLtd's Guide to Port Entry is the definitive port information resource. Our plan features include:
Six categories of plan for easy reference
Country Plans: showing the location of ports
Port Location: location of, and approaches to, the actual port
Berth Location: berth numbers and locations
Berth Diagrams: individual berths and moorings arrangements
Berth Equipment: including cranes,manifolds,chicksans,fire fighting equipments,fendering and much more... 

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Guide to Port Entry 2009-2010 подробнее...

Guide to Port Entry 2009-2010

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Guide to Port Entry 2009-2010
Гид по входу в порты.Самая свежая и подробная информация по входу (службы,агенты,услуги порта,телефоны) за этот год.

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