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Introduction to Chemical Tankers

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Introduction to Chemical Tankers
Transportation by sea is essential and forms a considerable proportion of sea trade round the world. The typical design features of a chemical tanker ensure that the particular containment needs are met. For example, stainless steel tanks and separate pumping systems for each tank. The video then describes the different types and classes of chemical tankers and their suitability for carrying chemicals. It discusses typical cargo characteristics of four compounds that are respectively flammable, toxic, corrosive and self-reacting. The importance of checking the cargo data sheets, displayed on board ship for each voyage, is emphasised. These cargoes require special handling during loading, discharge, and throughout the voyage. A cargo's characteristics will determine whether it can be accepted, and how and where it should be loaded, as well as the operational precautions and emergency procedures to be taken into account. Cargo compatibility is important and in this context we deal with ignition sources and fire prevention, flammable vapours, etc. The video then considers a corrosive liquid cargo, the hazards associated with toxic cargoes, the safe operational practices which relate to these, and the monitoring of inhibitor levels in self-reacting cargoes. The video concludes with a brief description of the relevant controlling regulations as a source of further information.

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