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Security Search Techniques: Personnel

Security Search Techniques: Personnel

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DVD-Video Training Program:Security Search Techniques: Personnel
Section 9.15 of the ISPS Code states "... all those seeking to board a ship should be liable to search." The ISPS code requires it. Each ship's security plan refers to it. Your entire crew needs to be able to do it. Conducting an effective search of all personnel boarding your ship is now an important, and required, part of ship and port security. Correctly searching everyone who boards your ship is not easy or obvious. Best practices need to be taught. The most effective way to provide that training is with Security Search Techniques: Personnel, the newest training video from Maritime Training Services. Security Search Techniques: Personnel looks at this important new topic by taking the viewer onboard a ship and demonstrating actual search techniques used to uncover contraband and prohibited items. We talk to a security expert to learn not just how to search by why to search as well. We observe actual mariners demonstrate the 8 essential methods of search. We see what may be required at the three different security levels. We then learn what to do if a security breach is discovered. With Security Awareness training now a requirement, use Security Search Techniques: Personnel as an important element in that training. What you will learn:
  • The 8 essential methods of personal search
  • Advice from industry experts
  • What to look for and how to find it The team approach to search

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