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Security Search Techniques: Ship's Stores

Security Search Techniques: Ship's Stores

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DVD-Video Training Program: Security Search Techniques: Ship's Stores
Lots of packages, from lots of sources, handled multiple times --- a difficult chain to keep intact and secure. Add to this our natural impulse to assume that if something is already packed, then it must be okay. This could be a recipe for disaster. However, a well run ship with a well trained crew view it differently. They see ship's stores as simply one more element to add to their list of searches and inspections; one more way to insure safety of the ship, it's crew and cargo.
As a required part of the ISPS Code, crew must now view the process of loading supplies as a potential means by which terrorists may either gain access to or load contraband onto their ship. Security Search Techniques: Ship's Stores highlights this complex process while simultaneously instructing the viewer on how best to mitigate that risk through careful search and detection procedures.
The video describes the vast re-supply network now in place and how vulnerable it is to terrorists. We hear an industry expert explain what every ship can do to lessen this risk. He also presents concrete steps and methods a crew can take to improve the effectiveness of their search of ship's stores. It is not as simple as walking around the crate or checking the manifest for accuracy. There is so much more!
Security Search Techniques: Ship's Stores is an important element in the Security Awareness training of every crewman on every ship in your fleet.
What you will learn:
  • The Chain of Control
  • How to inspect quickly yet thoroughly
  • Random search
  • Proper response to a suspicious object

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