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STOWAWAYS - Ship Secutiry Officer Guide

STOWAWAYS - Ship Secutiry Officer Guide

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DVD-Video Training Program:STOWAWAYS - Ship Secutiry Officer Guide
Preventing or dealing with Stowaways is far more than a game of hide and seek. With the increase in incidents of global terrorism, stowaways today also pose the threat of smuggling, seizure and sabotage.
Stowaways! A New View on Prevention discusses this age old problem in a 21 st century context. Commentary from industry experts and mariners underscores the adage that the best defense against stowaways is to prevent them from coming on board in the first place. Stowaways! presents 5 easy to understand and practical approaches to prevention.
How to search, the "team search" technique, use of checklists, improving search procedures, drills and exercises, and documentation recommendations are just some of the many elements in this thorough and engaging training program.
Stowaways! is ideally designed for use by either the Ship Security Officer (SSO) or for crew security awareness training.
What you will learn in this program:
  • Preventive measures
  • The search plan in action
  • A sample drill scenario
  • How to improve...continuously

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